The AV 24/7 Tribe
Meet our personable and creative team who provide reliable and efficient service to make you look good *every time*

Our experienced team will ensure your message is heard, leaving lasting and meaningful connections.
Juston Prisuda
Juston has lived and breathed AV since he was a child. He is one of the most respected people in the industry due to his ability to transform complex ideas into a simple roadmap for clients and colleagues alike.

He's a visual thinker who is constantly exploring new ideas and technologies to keep our clients ahead of the game. Whatever their vision, Juston will seek out the perfect solution and bring it to life!
Libbie Ray
General Manager
As our General Manager, Libbie works to ensure a cohesive team and an extraordinary customer experience.

Leading the team to push boundaries on all areas of the business to inspire a challenging world in events.

Libbie is an avid gin lover and can always be heard walking around singing along to whatever is playing on spotify.
Max Klason
National Operations Manager
Max fell in to Sporting Events following a Ice-Hockey career in Sweden over 15 years ago. He is the cog in our operations team who makes sure projects begin and end with precision and logistical accuracy. He's solution driven and maintains the highest level of technicians so our clients can expect the best for their events.

Max understands the importance of being flexible and staying efficient so that our clients always experience the AV 24/7 difference.
Laura Swaby
National Sales Manager
Laura has been working in the events industry for over 12 years and has the ability to understand events from a clients perspective.

She's never short of a funny story and her bubbly, outgoing personality are the perfect ingredients in building and maintaining client relationships and part of the reason why they continue to choose AV 24/7.
Nick Maddox
Project Specialist
Nick's love for AV started with his passion for music as a youngster before starting his career at AV 24/7.

He enjoys a challenge and is a self proclaimed geek when it comes to the technical world. No event idea is impossible in Nick's eyes when it comes to vision, lighting or audio and that's a win for you!
Kristy Demir
HR Manager
Kristy is a true HR professional, passionate about achieving the right balance between
reaching AV 24/7 goals and supporting our team.

She is a confident communicator with a natural
ability to build and sustain positive relationships with those she comes in contact with.
Madeleine McManus
Operations Coordinator
Maddie works closely with our National Operations Manager to ensure the smooth delivery of our day to day operations.

She never misses a thing when it comes to relaying important information from our sales team to our technicians onsite.

When she's not keeping everything in check at AV 24/7 you'll find her bingeing on the newest Netflix documentary with a Vodka fresh apple juice.
Nikolay Mitkov
Financial Manager
When it comes to numbers Nikolay is our champion! He ensures every credit and debit is accounted for so that our books balance. And he's everyone's best friend when it comes pay day!

He's an outdoors kind of guy who enjoys going to the beach and playing tennis.
Becky Cameron
Account Coordinator
Becky is often our clients first point of contact when they come to AV 24/7. She's a natural when it comes to listening to their big ideas and serving their AV needs.

Becky embraces everything in her stride and enjoys a tequila or two.
Rhys Joseph
AV Technician
Rhys is a reliable technician who makes sure all events are prepared to the exact client specifications. Nothing is too much trouble to ensure the end result is a happy one for all event stakeholders involved.

Outside of work he's an avid rock climber. And when he's not training at the bouldering gym you'll find him bouncing between mountain ranges living the quiet life. Camping and climbing, the perfect combo.
Julie Harvey
EA / Office Manager
With a strong customer service background, Julie works closely alongside Libbie Ray to help achieve great results for both our clients and staff.

Julie is AV 24/7's queen of all things administration who always keeps the team super organised and happy when it comes to those all important office supplies.
Tim Schnur
Senior AV Technician
Tim enjoys putting together AV solutions that express our clients creative event goals.

His knowledge of IT based systems allows him to easily troubleshoot issues should the need arise. He's a hospitable and personable technician which makes for a nice atmosphere, allowing him to help calm clients nerves come show day.

Tim has recently got into videography so you'll catch him behind a camera, creating quirky projects in his spare time - some that AV 24/7 are lucky enough to share online with our fans.
Katie Ray
Account Manager
Katie is passionate about developing solutions for AV 24/7 clients so that they can achieve the best possible results for their events.

With a solid account management background it didn't take long before she was managing AV production requirements for some of our largest clients.

When Katie's not keeping our clients happy you'll find her snuggled up with her cat watching TV.

Robert Ladanyi
AV Technician
Robert joined the AV 24/7 family two years ago when we expanded to our new warehouse. He's an efficient technician who makes sure all events are prepared spot on and ensures timely pack ups.

He is known for his rich carpenter experience and is hands on when it comes to custom made creations to meet our clients' event requirements.

Robert enjoys playing tennis on weekends and escapes to nature for a good hike whenever he gets a chance.
Tearne Madden
Marketing Manager
Tearne is the voice behind our brand. She spends hours curating engaging content that AV 24/7 clients and followers want to consume whilst promoting some of the special projects our team are fortunate enough to work on.

Feel free to let us know what you would like to see more of and she'll deliver!

Travel is her favourite past-time before chasing after two kids and a husband. She enjoys a good glass of bubbles with friends and relaxing beachside with her family all summer long.
Marc Freeman
Warehouse Manager
Marc is our guy when it comes to getting AV organised and packed ready to dispatch for our clients events.

He's logistically minded and makes sure items return safely to our warehouse post event so they're ready to go for the next exhibition, conference or special event.

Marc enjoys listening to Drum & Bass, DJing, writing music and relaxing on the weekends with his partner and animals at home.
Samantha Hetherington
Operations Manager
Sam fell into events 10 years ago when living in London and moved into production when she moved to Australia and joined the AV 24/7 tribe.

She's creative and solutions focused, always forward planning and thinking outside the box so our clients have the most positive experience.

Sam's a yes kinda girl and never takes life too seriously, which is why she's so good at what she does!
Nathan Roest
Technical Solutions & Innovation Specialist
Nathan is our go to for technical solutions. Nothing is out of his scope when it comes to achieving the desired look for our clients event.

Fun fact - he loves a good dumpling, just not prawn. He is the number 1 dumpling eater. No one will ever eat more than this guy.

If you think he has a love for dumplings you should see his passion working for AV 24/7!
Alec Wren
Project Specialist
Alec provides efficient technical assistance for all jobs our sales team receives from clients to ensure a seamless experience for everyone come event day.

He enjoys seeing jobs come to fruition with the latest AV technology and equipment.

Originally from New Zealand, Alec often slips in a few kiwi phrases that helps keep the team entertained.
Geoff Branson
National Business Development Manager
Geoff has worked in Business Development roles for almost 10 years and is the ultimate networker.

He is responsible for the development and implementation of new business opportunities and growth strategies for AV 24/7.

Outside of work Geoff keeps an active lifestyle, enjoys travelling to new destinations and is always on the lookout for new bars and restaurants to try out.
Chris Mulcahy
AV Technician
Chris enjoys seeing venues transform from an empty room into something that looks and feels like a special event.

There's no AV equipment that he can't install or operate professionally at our clients events.

When he's not seeking out the best use of equipment on site you'll hear him barracking for his beloved Western Bulldogs.
David Lloyd
Warehouse Supervisor
David is the king of warehouse logistics. With 30 years' experience in the AV industry including operations and logistical management at a multinational AV company in Auckland is a massive win for you and our team!

He ensures we have exactly the right amount of quality rental assets on hand to deliver to our clients events.

When he's not making order out of chaos, David enjoys playing poker with friends - analysing their next move.
Sian Creighton
Operations Coordinator
Sian was a DisneyWorld cast member selling merchandise before we snapped her up as our operations and excel queen who keeps us organised all year round!

She ensures our technicians have all the information they need to execute a job ahead of time whilst also ensuring AV 24/7 employees have those all important supplies to stay on top of their game.