Meet Nick Maddox
AV 24/7 Project Specialist
1. What made you want to make a career in AV/Event Production?
I started playing guitar at the age of 12 and quickly became fascinated with the technical side of music production with studio recording and live sound after playing in a few bands. After completing a Bachelors Degree in Audio Engineering & Sound Production at JMC Academy in 2014, I started as a junior technician with AV 24/7 and quickly developed a keen interest and understanding of lighting, vision and staging elements.

2. What do you think makes AV24/7 different to other AV production & hire companies/suppliers?
Being an experienced AV company works to our advantage as it enables us to make our clients creative vision a reality! We are a friendly team who are always bouncing ideas off one another and are readily available to assist our clients every step of the way. Our ability to think outside the norm to design and deliver custom AV solutions is something we can all be really proud of!

3. Tell us a snapshot about your role - a day in a life of you at work?
I'm the project specialist here at AV 24/7; in the most basic of terms I'm the bridge between the Sales and Operations teams. My role will see me engage with our sales team along with our clients to help tailor quotes and design technical solutions for an event. From there I will liaise with our operations team and handover all the of technical information to the delivery team to ensure the planning and installation is consistent with the clients brief and requirements.

4. What's your favourite thing to do outside of work and why?
For me; nothing beats an inside movie night with my wife and two cats, or a burger night catchup with friends (boring, I know!)

5. Who inspires you the most and why?
As lame as it sounds, my mum and dad are the hardest working people I know! They've always inspired me to do my best and to put in 100% effort and all my heart into everything I do!

6. What's your go to drink/food at an event?
I'm definitely a burger kind of person! Best burger you could ever have is a "Blame Canada" from Bar Luca!

7. Do you have a tip you'd like to share?
Surround yourself with positive people and watch your mood change! Also, never go to the toilet with an empty phone battery.