Virtual Event Services

Virtual Events are nothing new, however they are about to become more prevalent and an important communication tool for businesses and events. Virtual Events enable teams to connect, communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the world.

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is something that is delivered 100% online. If you have ever attended an online webinar, had a meeting via Zoom or similar platform, or used a video conferencing tool then these are all examples of virtual events.

Why Host a Virtual Event?

Virtual events can provide lots of opportunities that live events can't. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hosting one:

● Accessibility - reach a much wider audience from anywhere in the world
● Budget - save money by not spending on venue hire, catering and other hard costs
● Convenience - make it easier for your attendees to view your content
● Data Collection - collect user registration details
● Current restrictions in place due to COVID-19 - continue to engage in these uncertain times
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Facilitated Online Meetings, Webinars and Training Sessions
These types of events are 100% online, they require no personal human interaction whatsoever. They are professionally facilitated by a member of our team to assist you in delivering your content seamlessly to your audience. For further information on facilitated online meetings, webinars and training sessions please click here.
Managed Virtual Events (Online Conferences)
Managed Virtual Events literally means you are taking a physical event or conference online and pushing content to your desired audience via an online platform. In this instance you would utilise an event studio space to either pre-record your content, live stream the event or a combination of both.
We have studios available for hire in Sydney and Melbourne, or we can come to you and set up a mobile studio in any location of your choice. You still have the ability to manage key aspects of an event including registrations, attendee invites, Q&A's, polling, break out rooms, presentation display, video playback, and recording. In some circumstances it is also possible to include entertainment, and other live experiences. These types of events can be quite basic or become very technical, all depending on your individual requirements. Our experienced team is on hand to advise and support you through the entire process.
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